Tommy Rodriguez Automation Empire Amazon Automation he had me sign a one year contract for his amazon automation services.. i paid him 17,500 USD and he voided my contract after 6 months illegally for no reason. sarasota florida


Tommy Rodriguez sells amazon automation services. he has a group of virtual assistants that run each clients stores. they list products, order products and ship the products right from the supplier to the customer.

At first he markets the intital set up fee anywhere from $17.500 USD – $25,000 USD to purchase his service. He collects the money from the client and then he has his group of virtual assistants he sends the fee to run the store which he pays them $5000 USD and keeps the rest. The company he uses is out of bangladesh..they are called FLEET BANGLADESH.

They are trained to do all the work he is just the middle man marketing his services. he then makes his clients sign a year contract claiming all of the clients will be making 10-15% profit margins and there money back in 6 months. I have proof my store was only making 2-3% and even losing money some months because they list products with negative margins just to make the sales look high.

I ask him nicely why im losing money or not making money at all and he makes excuses. i asked him punblicly to show me proof of the profits im making and he shuts down my store after 6 months into the 1 year contract illegally .

Im out 17,500 because he stopped my store before i could even make my money back. he has over 300 clients that he has paying mostly cash because he is hiding money. Check out his you tube videos and social media he hsa fancy cars and nice houses but none of his clients are happy.

He pays his virtual assistants through a international payment system called payoneer. I hope i can help get a lot of peoples money back and help future people decide not to use his service its a scam.