Toeachtheirown Ripped off people I love of thousands of dollars, all selling false hope with fake psychics! Los Angeles CA


To anyone that has believed that California Psychics is a legitimate business, I know personally that it is the biggest scam cheating people out of false hope, and their hard-earned money.  One highly paid "psychic" named "Aliza" is in reality Patricia Schoenhofer, a money-hungry felon who actually has previous convictions for Medicaid Fraud!

Working as a counselor in Texas she stole her own clients Medicaid benefits to buy her lavish lifestyle! Her personal life is also a complete train~wreck: Multiple divorces, lawsuits, bankruptcies, and chosen estrangements from her own children and grandchildren, as well as no longer speaking to siblings, parents, old friends; basically anyone that might find out what a fraud she is! Even her background description on California Psychics is all lies, which sums up how "legitimate" this company is!!

She hasnt a "psychic" bone in her body, but she is clever enough to be taught to prey upon people who are in pain weaknesses! This company does not screen their "psychics" as they say they do, because what kind of company would hire a narcissitic felon with severe emotional issues, a need to control others, and a total lack of compassion or empathy to charge desperate callers $15.00 a HOUR for HER ADVICE???

This "Aliza" psychic cannot even get her own life together, but is getting paid $300 for 20 minutes of "advice" she can give to others? California Psychics TEACHES their employees to be a psychic by listening and learning how to control the caller, listen to clues, and give them a 50/50 chance of predictions that is they come true, by God she must be legit??

Aliza, with her fake black wig covering her bleached blond hair, doesn't care about the outcome, and neither does C.P., because they ALREADY HAVE YOUR MONEY!! BUYER BEWARE!! These "psychics" are making 6 digit income off of people's hopes, and that is truly despicable, and downright evil.