The Society West Valley Utah possibly Invitation to a SECRET SOCIETY (No Loss, Just a Warning) West Valley Utah


My letter (a single-spaced, 12-pager) from “The Society” (formerly The League?) arrived here at my home in Kentucky on Wednesday, September 4, 2019.  The envelope was postmarked 08/30/2019 from Zip Code 75238. (A search on Zip Code 75238 is a Northeast Suburb of Dallas, TX inside the outer belt freeway.  Interestingly, the main 12- page, front and back, very suspicious, letter was from “Tom” and  was dated August 31, 2019, which is the day after the envelope got postmarked. 

The self-addressed (un)stamped envelope inside was addressed to “Invitation Processing;  3490 South 4400 West #70629; West Valley City, UT 84170-0629.”  The address marks two (2) locations.  One is located in Southern Idaho just across the border with Utah, and due North of Salt Lake City.  The second is just South of Salt Lake City (84170 zip code is related to the second point mapped). 

Searching the web for that PO Box took me directly to a “RipOff Report” some of which apparently got posted in 2013 & 2017. Just do a "Society""Utah" or "West Valley" search.  It reveals that others  have received a very similar letter, some 12 pages, others not so much.  All letters seem to be from "Tom" whose last name was not divulged.  The Ripoff report labels the PO Box as a “cult.”   So I guess I'm now kicked out of "The Society".  Oh, Darn!!

Retired Military living in Kentucky