Rob Harris / Equity Investor Leads Robert Harris ONLINE SLANDER calling me a “COTTON PICKING n****r” Clemson SC


I reached out to Equity Investor Leads in February 2020, as I was inquiring about leads for a Gold IRA company I'm an affiliate for. I received a response back in April 2020 from Rob Harris and we began to discuss a potential deal of 3,200 leads at $2 each.

Before making a big purchase, I asked Rob Harris, would it be possible to test 50-100 leads to verify if they were good leads that could potentially turn into deals. He then proceeded to tell me that he couldn't supply that many leads (understandable), so he agreed to send me 10-15 leads for testing. Once he sent me the leads, I begin to get them tested at our call floor and they look to be pretty good! I email him back and say, I'm willing to purchase 100 leads at a time to further test the validity of these leads to see if they can turn into potential deals.

Out of no where, he emails me 3x in a row saying (oh, let's just show some screenshots for further verifcation)


He then says, "oh, you're a lead guy?" If he's selling leads to me, what does he think people do with these leads? They reach out to them to see if they're interested in specific product of interest to make money, right? Ok, moving on…

Since I have no idea what he's talking about, I say this:

After this encounter, he looks me up on LinkedIn to see that I am an African American Black Man and then proceeds to call me out of my name with one of the most racist slanders you can make to a person, which is 100% inexcusable in any circumstance, especially if you're trying to do business with someone. 

What he said to me was, "We don't sell leads to cotton picking niggers. Sorry bro!" and proceeds to call me a "Stupid n****r!" (screenshot below)


If you're thinking about doing business with Equity Investor Leads (Rob Harris),