Richard O Donovan & R & L Paving and Roofing Richie [email protected] Took my Down Payment and did not do my project for almost 2 months – excuses / excuses HOLLYWOOD FLORIDA


Mr Richard (Richie) O Donovan and his little company (R & L Paving and Roofing) failed to execute the work that he promised (he is a sweet talker and a ripp off). He showed me a picture he said was from a "project I just completed".

Later I found that "exact" same picture from a a company ADC, and they told me that was one of their jobs. So this ripoff is taking other company pictures from their websites and telling unsuspecting customers (just like me) that its his work.

What a liar he is, I have text messages where he promised to finsih the job (either by say Friday, or early next week) 11 Times. I had to apply a lot of pressure and even contacted him on Sundays as I had a feeling he was trying to rip me off. Turned out to be very accurate to me one this.

He has "no idea" of what he is doing and uses labor that is never supervised, I am proof of this and have it on my security cameras around my property, so I can monitor all movement to and from my property.