Rhett Dean- CRNP Jackson Hospital Montgomery Alabama Individual failed and refused to Evaluate my condition while in the Emergency Room for Influenza A. atlanta, cincinnati,montgomery Alabama,Georgia,Ohio


I made a visit to Jackson Hospital, with a complaint of serious heath concern.  I was running a tempature of 103.  I was unable myself to get it down, so I seriously wanted to know why I was stopped up, short of breath and coughing uncontrollably.  I was seen by the Triage nurse and given tylenol and advil.  I was later taken to the back after a nasal swab for influenza.

I met my Tech, and my nurse, they were distant but corgial, and I respect that, because they were'nt rude.  Later, the nurse pulled off my monitors and said it is Influenza A, you can leave, we can"t help you because tamaflu wont help you because you have had the symptoms to long.  I understood that.  I asked her, when will I see a Doctor concerning the cold in my chest, she said it will soon go away. 

I asked again for the Doctor and she said he couldnt help me.  I got my things and proceeded to leave because I was so run down and sick I needed to get home.  When I got my strength back up, I called the ER 2 days later to complain about a Doctor never entering the room.  The ER nurse confirmed it was a Nurse Practitioner that was to have evaluated me name Rhett Dean. 

I told her he refused to come into my room to check my breath sounds or look in my ears and throat.  I wanted her to know, he refused to do a patient assessment and evaluation.  I later found out I had Bronchitis at my Doctors office.  I am on several antibiotics at this time.  Rhett Dean, refused to check lungs with xrays, or ausculate  my lungs. 

I complained to the Hospital and told them how Dangerous this was.  I could have had Pneumonia or anything.  I have investigated this Individual and have found that he has skipped from state to state.  I like for people to beware of healthcare providers that refuse to their duties on their jobs. 

You have to be, as a patient, an advocate for your own Healthcare…!   If I have to pay for my insurance premiums, and pay the Doctors bill too, I want to be evaluated by the healthcare Physician or Nurse Practitioner.  I shouldnt have to pay this Bill, if I never were seen by a Doctor.