REYNER LABRADA FRAUD REALTOR!! MIAMI FLORIDA MIAMI NEIGHBORHOOD REALTY, PA 3426 w 84 st unit 103c Hialeah gardens, FL 33018 (305) 494-5410 REYNER LABRADA STOLE MY MONEY!! Hialeah Gardens, Fl 33018 Florida


This guy posted a property for sale and we made a appointment to go look at it. Once we went to look at it in miami, florida i had asked him i want to offer a lower price and he tells me yes yes do not worry i will get you the best deal and you do not have to worry, so i went with his tactic to lure me in his SCAM that he had planned.

I made an offer and after an hour he calls me and tells me hey i got you a better deal come to my office that is located at 3426 W 84 st Unit 103C. so i go and had a hard time finding his lttile office he has set up to look like he is legit but anything but… i had given him $8500 deposit and was told he will get eveything done right away not to worry.

so i went with it, after a couple of days this SCAMMER does not answer my calls and calls me after 3 days and tells me he is working on it not to worry so again i went for his Bogus LIES!! after a week till this day he DOES NOT answer my phone calls , this SCAMMER STOLE $8500 FROM ME!!

i am in contact with the authorities and was told they have been getting alot of compliants against this guy and are investgating this matter. PLEASE IF SOMEBODY ELSE HAS BEEN SCAMMED BY THIS WORHTLESS SCAMMER PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!