Psychic lorie Johnson Lorie B Johnson Lorie Cleo Johnson LorlyeAngelsEyes Psychic Medium Lorie Johnson Clairvoyant Psychic Lorie. Lorie Johnson (@MediumLorieJ) | Twitter Lorie Johnson Of Ghosts Of Shepherdstown Lorie Johnson took my grandmother for 2 million. Claimed she was dealing with prior abusive husband and he had placed A curse on my grandmother. Maryland


Lorie johnson conned my mother out of more then 2000.000 dollars. She told my mother, whom I was not close to, that she had a bad curse placed on her from her prior husband, also deceased. Over A two year period and while mom was getting very ill I was in the service so didn't have much contact with mom. Lorie gained her trust and said confidence.

Over A period of time she must have conned around two million from mom. Lorie has many pages over the internet, asking for donations stating she communicates with the afterlife, of course for hundreds of dollars. one such website, she charges in upwards of 195.00 to as much as 495.00 for what she calls past life regression.

Lorie  also claims to communicate with deceased animals. She also claims to be some native American Shaman. She has used her once celebrity status to incorporate herself into a scheme of packed thieves. The problem with lorie, is that when someone does not like her said readings, she attacks them with vulgar posts until they give in.

She is a fraud and crook that prays on individuals wishing to have that one more chance to speak with their loved ones.