PRESIDENTIAL Billiards, LP Elaine Gerber Slandering and Defammation to Steal Contracts New Caney Texas


In January 2017, we were contacted by Alexandre Almeida from Grupo Minar, Ardosia Figueiredo & Almeida who insisted for us to enter into a 'work first pay later' contract to restablish his business that was out of the American market for 10 years, since 2008. They produce slate for billiard pool tables. After weeks of negotiations, we managed to get a small payment of 600$ and started the contract based on payments of future commissions.

On this work, we hired the services of Brian Philips, owner of Creative Solutions, a sales agent office and we agreed on a 5% commmission rate paid by Grupo Minar Brazil once the shipments were actually ocurring. All of this based on the suposed poor conditions of Alexandre Almeida in Brazil. After months of hard work and, even investing my own money to pay upfront sales commissions to Brian Phillips and his travel expenses in the USA, putting money from other businesses of my company LE Group Industries, LLC, we finally managed to get results and recover tha market for this Brazilian slate manufacturer that was out of the American market for 10 years.

But suprisingly, once he was serviced with over 1 million dollar on sales and after our hard work, the decision taken by Brian Phillips was to express on behalf of the account Presidential Billiards and also other accounts that they were requesting LEGroup Industries to be 'removed from the contract'.

After days of discussions when Brian Phillips and Elaine Gerber were in daily direct contact with Alexandre Almeida, my supplier of slate in Brazil that I was distributing for these companies in the USA, they basically stole my contract. I was handling other cotracts at that time and I was even phisically attacked when my company was robbed. This happened in June-September 2018.

After some point, I gave up trying to dispute this with this people but sent to them my approval to their request of terminating the contract. I requested all the parties to at least PAY FOR THE CURRENT BILL. I worked for almost 2 years developing the entire business, using money from my own pockets and hours of work and once the case is success, the parties involved in the USA and in Brazil, instead of saying thank you and even giving me a prize for the results, did the opposite.

Attacked with aggressive defamation, slandering, and all sorts of lies against me and stole my entire contract which at at day was about 47,000 USD which is equivalent to aproximately 5% sales commissions on a 1 million dollar contract that is renewable every year. This is 2018. Now in 2020, we would estimate we are talking 3 million dollars on sales.

I offered them this good solution but even though they didn't pay for anything. It has been over one year that we keep contacting and requesting our payments and the last response we had from them were 'threats' as detailed in our last video about this case on the series that created called 'Bring Civilization Back Trust'.

Another thing is that as they didn't terminate the contract, by law, we are entittled to still receive the compensations for all these shipments being conducted form Grupo Minar Ardosia Figueiredo Almeida to American Heritage Billiards and others. The documentation is very extensive, we have support from the Brazilian Embassy in Washington, from Chambers of Commerce, Better Busines Bureau, and more institutions but still we get stuck on the lack of funds to pay cash for American and Brazilian attorneys who only process the these cases officially under cash in advance terms as they don't want to end up on the same shoes as I am.

The scary part is that Elaine Gerber answered our complaint to the Better Business Bureau in Texas with a full signed letter stating slandering, defamation, and even more fraud. Which was promptly responded to us through the Better Business Bureau and the case is on hold since then as she never replied back, letting the case unsolved also at the BBB Houston.

In time, the case is being studied by the CIA, FBI, Federal Trade Commission in Washington DC, American Brazilian chamber of commerce and others as it is an example of the danges of the doing business on the cyberspace. Another problem the police is having to take action is that this is white collar level which they can't cope with the huge demand and the jurisdictions are several, which is cyberspace and they just don't have structure to cope up with such a high volume of cases happening all the time these days.

The big scenario was slandering and defammations against LE Group Industries LLC and its owner, myself, with the intentions of stealing my contracts which was a 'sweet lie' for all the parties to believe and enjoy the benefits, in the case of Presidential Billiards of 12,000$ per year which were probably split between Elaine Gerber, Brian Phillips, and Alexandre Almeida. 

No matter what, they will pay. They attacked on my livelihood. They didn't pay for my past, current, and future income. This was years of work. No comments that even the guy in Brazil, Alexandre Almeida, was my intern in 2004-2005 when I established this entire operation for him, he still uses my intellectual property creations as his invoice model, his company website, everything. Obnoxious case.

Attention that I am an H1B Visa holder in the USA as I have college degree, speak 4 languages, and these contracts are complex international shipping, international finance, international marketing, international bureaucracy, and international cross-culture, other matters. Even drawings converting inches to centimeters were necessary to establish this entire contract. Massive amounts intellectual property work.

This case also corresponds to the other accounts involved on the same scheme: American Heritage Billards, Watson's Billiards, Family Leisure, Clover Home, Diamond Billiards, Creative Solutions.

The attorney in charge of her deffense name is Andre Marques and he was hired by Alexandre Almeida in Brazil and it is almost impossible to get responses from them. The last one was made over the phone where they threatened us of putting us in jail if we keep insisting on collecting our payments. How come, right? An attorney that threatens you of reporting you to the police because you are reporting them to the police.

The case keeps moving forward but with minimum resources as Elaine Gerber attacked us on our livelihood. This means we have no funds as victis as she not only embezzled our mark up but also we had no future business as the business they robbed was our livelihood, our past, current, and future income. All stolen in the jurisdiction denonominated on the police report of Texas as 'cyberspace'..