One World Wireless One World Wireless of West 23rd St Scammed by Wireless Phone Store New York New York


This is a shady store. In November I bought a new iPhone & Karan set it up fine *but* I left my gold iPhone 10XS with him to send to Verizon for trade-in for what he said was a $439 value, & when Verizon only credited me $99 for it I contacted Verizon & was informed that what they credited me for was a gray iPhone 8–not my gold iPhone 10XS.

I contacted Karan & he assured me he had sent my iPhone 10XS to Verizon & he’d fix it with them. Each time I followed up with Karan he assured me Verizon had it, they’d credit me, but this didn’t happen & when I called Karan he said Verizon had written up a ticket (so, first they had my phone and now they just wrote up a ticket?). I insisted Karan give me what info he had, so he gave me the ticket #, but Verizon confirmed to me there was no such ticket # and they had no record of Karan’s calls. All Karan told me was bogus! 

Another reviewer posted on Yelp just a month ago that this store never shipped their phone for trade-in and had supposedly “lost” it. Smells of what I can only guess is some shady money-making scheme this store has benefiting off selling off customers’ old phones instead of trading them in for the customers’ benefit. Shady business!