Next college student athlete NCSA Lied about services and tricked me into a contract chicago illinois


I was excited to get my son on the sports recruiting website to have coaches from local colleges see his amazing skills.  I got a hold of a recruiter and we started the process, first thing was "Oh my gosh you will be 100% guaranteed to get your son playing college football". 

All I had to do was pay $150 a month for 9 months equaling $1350 and by agreeing right this minute we would be getting the VIP membership that usually cost $2400 with all the tools we need and everything would fall into place "Oh we guarantee it" all I had to do was send the first payment and we was to be set.  Well let me tell you, we got scammed BIG TIME! They said they would take care of everything.

That was in August and we set up the profile with picture and videos from Hudl and as much info as we could put on there. They said if we upload some videos they would do all this and that to make him stand out and everything on there.  Well I am a bit computer savey and was able to do most of the designing on Hudl myself and then upload them to the NCSA profile.

Well they put a circle around him and wala. That is the only thing they have done for us since August.  Then in November I was curious as to what the remaining balance might be and to my surprise it at $2400.  That is Not what I was expecting.  Because I was told $1350 in August so 4 payments in that should of been a balance of $750.

So I call them and they said "Well that's not correct and gave me a line about how that was not what our (electronic contract) said….CONTRACT??? I did not get told It was a contract and I couldn't get out of it less of dying.  And there is not a dam thing I can do about it.  They lessened the monthly payment of $150 to $40 is all they could do right now and I have have to call back in February to keep that payment or It will go back to get this..$134.00.

I mean wasn't it $150.00 to begin with?  Anyway so I cancel my debit card and don't give them the new card information. Low and behold they scammed my new credit card number and the payments continue.  So here it is February and I call back to try to plead with them to cancel.  ABSOLUTELY nothing can be done. 

Except to charge me $40 a month again until its paid off. Its terrible business and there needs to be something done.  Because like I said before THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO WARRANT THEIR CHARGES!