Nano Hearing Aids Nano Hearing Technolog Very obstructive for returns, very difficult to obtain a refund. Coeur Dalene ID


I purchased their Nano RX2000 hearing aids on July 11th 2019. They arrived quickly and I was glad to try them.

I tried them for more than their recommended period (21 days) but was very unhappy with them. They were very tinny i.e. too much treble, which you cannot adjust, also the right ear volume control was intermittent. I applied for a return label RMA but all I got was a  list of instructions that had nothing to do with my complaints. After three more e-mails I received my RMA at a charge of $9.95, which I accepted. All of their e-mails clearly state that refunds will take 15 business days after receiving the return. They acknowledged my return on 8/23/2019.

Fifteen business days including Labor day expired on 9/15/2019 but no refund. Spoke to the company two times and each time another excuse. On the third call I am told it takes 30 days for a refund. That`s a lie as it is clearly stated 15 business days. So I reported this to my credit card company who filed a complaint. After 42 days I eventually got my credit but you have to fight hard as they are reluctant to accept your return or issue a refund. I do not recommend doing business with this company.