MyFreeCams Security Compromised


Used to work on mfc as a model until 3 times my account was hacked. First time it was a top model. Mfc took her side and denied my proof. Second and third time was through the pm system. I had a member on my friends list and gave him access to private message me and he hacked my account through it.

That was enough for me to pull the plug but on top of that when you ban members from your room they can still see your cam any time. I emailed support over all three issues and they blew me off so I closed my account. This site isnt safe. Its not secure. Imagine what gos on that I didnt catch.

If members and models can hack into other accounts what else can they see. Two step verification doesnt work it only gives mfc your personal phone number. Maybe if they didnt have so much going on in their site they could focus on security for the models….and members but instead they were rude and lost income from me.

Will never work for a company who treats people this way.