Margo Jordan Baines and Chicks With Class Margo Jordan Baines STOLE $4,000 from rental scam on her home houston texas


I am a single mother with a 3 year old boy child going job to job and had someone crash into my car and made me pay for the damage lying about who was driving the other vehicle. I work hard to save my money and make the best I can to provide for my son. I’m trying to make my way to get a home of my own to give my son a home and room of his own & GO TO COLLEGE!! 

My boyfriend has been with me for a year now, and I love him deadly he’s had mistakes made but he’s pulled himself up to make it better and be a example to my son. My boyfriend and I made a down payment (of $4000.00)to the owner of CHICKS WITH CLASS and rest to assure you this female has no class, her name is Margo Jordan Baines.

We were going to move into her house aug 1st to rent to own, then it changed to aug 18, and then to Sept 1st, but the thing is that she stated in a text that once the contract was signed she would give us a key and never did!! She was very persistent about getting the first months rent out of us, which was $2000.00.

We gave her a check for the $2000.00 and didn’t go through and I got charged 30$ and we let her know ahead of time that it was going to mess up because my bank account was acting up. She later canceled on us almost a week later on a Monday morning, stating she ended up being bad with the bank on her end and HAS A NEGATIVE ON HER ACCOUNT.

From my understanding you only get a negative account from using all the money. She canceled on us August 26, 2019, and she received the down payment on July 12, 2019. She has NOT yet send a confirmation about the refund. We have been trying to get in contact with her but we’ve had no progress. She ignores our calls and messages. But when she needed the money she was PUSHY and EAGER to get OUR MONEY!

We tried working things out with her but it’s no use. We went to her house and knocked politely, she had music playing and her kids running around but once we knocked she made the house completely silent and she purposely acted like she wasn’t home. She threatened to call the cops on us and had us waiting outside for 3-4 hours with my 3 year old son. My boyfriend missed work because she didn’t want to come to the door and talk, as A BUSINESS PERSON.

I called 311 myself and waiting across the street for those 3 hours until the police arrived stating that we have a great case that is on our favor we just need to show all the details of what she did. He stated that we need to go to the court house and also file a report on her. Once I said thank you to the police and gave him a handshake for his help, we heard MARGO trying to hear into the conversation and he asked we twice if she would like to talk to us and she said No twice.

He asked her again and she came outside in a robe and hair all done (wondering how she afford to get her hair done and can’t even pay us back!!). The police asked for her side of the story and said “ehh………., what she is saying sounds legit but you guys are going to wait and see if you get the money if not you can do what I suggested.” She kept talking over the officer and saying she didn’t want us at her home because we scared her children. While I had my boy outside waiting on her unprofessional self!!

When we went to the home to sign there was nothing packed up in boxes and she kept saying that she paid movers and all that⁉️‼️‼️ aug.18th. She apparently had somewhere to go since July????!!!! I am totally confused how this lady works.

THIS FEMALE IS VERY RUDE!! SHE PERFORMED A SCAM AND SHE THINKS IM GOING TO BACK DOWN ON MY OWN MONEY YOU GOT ME MESSED UP!!! If it comes to it I’m filing against her. Last day we need OUR MONEY is September 23, 2019!!