Kate Swift bnbplusme Property Works LLC Katherine Swift Katie Swift . THIS PERSON HAS TRIED TO SCAM ME AND THREATENED TO SUE ME IF I DIDN’T PAY HER MORE MONEY Boise Idaho


I run my own successful short term rental company, and please beware that there is a well known con artist named Kate Swift in Boise Idaho with a company called Property Works LLC who has copied the famous BNB Formula program and calls her program bnbplusme and it is just a poorly done rip off of the BNB Formula program. She and her business have tried to scam me out of more money and even threatened to sue me, and thankfully she hasn't gotten away with it.

It should be illegal for crooked and unscrupulous people like Ms. Swift to steal something like the BNB Formula program and try making money off of innocent and unsuspecting people with it by trying to fool them into using a fake and over priced imitation that is full of important mistakes and incorrect information.