Julian J HCL @ BCBS / INDOUTMARKETING / Director @ LOR /Partnerships Support @ CESMMA / Connector @ JULIANJTALENT YoungJourneys NFL/NBA Liason Advertised Instagram Verification, asked for more money. Threatened to lock Instagram account.


Julian J may go by other aliases and switch aliases often. He advertises Social Media Marketing, Promo and Account Verification. He stated he would have our account verified in 30 days. Purchased this feature via PayPal. On day 30 he requested $150 more (suspiciously). Stating "Instagram needs $150 to flush our user count". Odd. I requested a refund which he replied it would take 30 days.

I opened up a dispute with PayPal, he threatened to "get my Instagram locked". He may change aliases and PayPal addresses often. Hopefully PayPal bans him soon.

Known Aliases:

Janae Ashley

Julian J

[email protected]