Jakob Chamlieslos Jakob Dale, Khaos Ink, Khaos King, Shannon Chamlies, Shannon Dale Chamlies, Keven William, Jakob Madsen, Scum Bag Clothing company He will advertise under the many names he uses on Facebook, instagram, twitter etc to be a tattoo artist, international model company, magazine owner (Ink Feen), website for models (tattooed Hotties) etc. Los Angeles, Riverside, sacramento, antelope California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Arkansas


I came in contact with Shannon Dale Chamlies aka Jakob Chamlies aka Khaos King through Facebook last year. I have watched him over the year and when he said he was doing a tour for tattooing  I paid $250 for a session. I didnt think it was possible this guy was able to get away with scamming people this long over the internet but I was wrong.

JAKOB posts a thing saying Free Tattoo comment city below. He then messages  you this list of instructions. he needs a $100 deposit which will be refunded upon your appt stipulations  were you were to advertise for him so when he is down there he has a full day of work  and he is also paid by sponsorships  at the shop because of his "status".

JAKOB claims to be a lot of things, a tattoo model, a magazine owner, tattoo model website  CEO, TATTOOIST, ETCA..NONE OF THESE THINGS HE ACTUALLY IS. so you pay him the money then you don't hear from him, when you blast him on his page when again he is advertising  for a free tattoo  he then either tells you he is in town and schedules an appt he has no intentions  of keeping or he threatens you.

He gives you the run arouns..schedules the appt never tells you where to go, this goes on for days. Then you get tired and request a refund.  He tells you ok which again results in a run around game and you never see either..he then tries to become the victim. 

You get pissed he then tells you you pissed me off now I am not gonna pay you. This dude is the biggest psychopathic narcissist  I have ever met and truly  belongs in prison if he doesn't piss the wrong person off first and ends up somewhere  else. 

He claims to have been on one of the many reality shows for tattooing and is why he gets paid by sponsorships. After you confront him he threatens you to come to yout house because he has gotten your address, threatens to have himself and his followers call your work and get you fired or if you were dumb enough to send him nude pics he threatens to send those out to everyone.

This creep has threatened bodily harm to almost everyone who calls him out. He has stolen from every person who comes in contact with him. He owns none of these so called businesses, he has accomplished nothing in his life other than being a piece of sh*t rip off artist and belongs in jail. He has been in jail for rape, impersonating a police officer, meth distribution, fraud, and indentity theft.