Global Portion, Inc. Check fraud – created a fake payment Whiteman AFB MO


On January 27, 2021, this company presented a fake check for $27.46 to our bank.  The check was good enough that the bank paid it.  We caught it upon reconciliation. 

Like a prior  report filed against this company, the check had a stamp on the signature line saying “No Signature Required- This check has been electronically authorized…”  The customer service number on the payment, 877-230-6038, was also the same as the prior report on this company. 

This appears to be a pattern of testing out bank information to see what works, and perhaps a prelude to larger fraud.

A Web search of this particular company reveals only one entry… from… that it was formed in October of 2020 in Missouri, and uses an Air Force Base as its mailing address. 

I might add that the bank account defrauded belongs to a law firm, so the scammers are not targeting only private parties.  I thank CenterState Bank of Florida for providing several solutions and assisting in mopping this up.