First Class Herbalist oil AZURITE SERUM, HURRICANE SERUM PRO +CBD Gummies Company tricked me by sayiing I could get Free CBD Gummies if I just paid $4.95 for shipping Las Vegas Nevada


The company sent me one order of CBD Gummies and then, Charged me $89.95 five days in a row until I noticed my account was being drained.  I called to see what happened and they told me that I signed up for to have the money withdrawn from my account. 

I told them I didnt want the CBD Gummies and they told me that I needed to send them back for a refund of $89.95.  I asked for the rest of my money back and they said no and hung up on me.

This company is a complete SCAM!!! and a RIP OFF.  They should be put in jail for ripping me off!!