Dr Brett Bolton, DO Brett Bolton, DOBrett Bolton, Max HarvestMax Harvest, Dr Bolton Obnoxious so called doctor, money hungry, avoid like the plague Fort Lauderdale Florida


 Dr Brett Bolton If you are looking for a hair transplant doctor stay away from this doctor, stay away. For one, he is a DO not an MD.

Research what that means so you have a better understanding but this doctor claims to be a surgeon, DOs are primarily General Practitioners compared to surgeons. I believe Dr.  Brett Bolton from Florida is an obnoxious, money hungry doctor, just check out other reviews. Not too long ago there was a write up in the newspaper and in the news about how he treated a patient because the patient apparently tested positive for HIV. No sympathy, just a ruthless, heartless doctor who cares only about whether or not he can take your money. The victim states that after his blood test results DR Bolton refused to treat him and would not help him.

IN fact, there was even a question about whether his practices were even legal, refusing treatment to a patient because of the results of their blood test is not legal. Anyway, my personal experiences with this doctor are less then complimentary.

Dr Brett Bolton is definitely obnoxious and has no interest in talking to you unless you have a deep pocket. If you want a conversation with him, dress fancy or pull up in a sports car and he will be the nicest, most professional doctor in the world. Not sure I would have an y confidence in his surgical skills definitely research more before having him touch you with his butcher knife.

Dr Brett Bolton also has an Instagram account, you can see all of his mutilated patients yourself. In Florida, Dr Brett Bolton lives very wide-legged.

Dr Brett Bolton