CROWN BRIDGE PARTNERS and Seth Ahdoot Fraud, Illegal Conversions, Multiple Lawsuits, Litigations New York New York


Seth Ahdoot and Crownbridge Partners enter into illegal financings with desperate distressed companies, charge fees for the financings, don't fund the financings and then illegally convert their convertible notes into free trading stock often for which they paid no consideration for. When the company tries to stop Seth Ahdoot and Crownbridge Partners from their illegal and unethical activity, Seth Ahdoot and Crownbridge Partners files litigation against the distressed company which has very little money to defend itself allowing Crownbridge to win judgments against them thereby adding attorney fees and additional penalties to the financings making it even worse for the company.

See lawsuits: Crown Bridge Partners, LLC v. Adaptive Medias, Inc., Crown Bridge Partners, LLC vs. Sunstock and MyDx, Inc. addessing illegal and unauthorized conversion by Crown Bridge Partners, LLC

Even for the notes they fund, if you try to pay them off to get rid of them, they will ignore your request and convert the stock and dump it destroying your stock price.