chanyeyuan Chengdu shuangliu district customs clearance in China sichuan road 289, Chendu, Chengdu 612200 CHINA Sent me a different product than ordered. Chengdu shuangliu


I purchased a patio set from them on August 10. I cancelled the order within 2 hours, however, I never got a cancellation confirmation. Then I got a shipping confirmation on August 12. I tried repeatedly to contact the seller, but was unsuccessful. On August 30, I received a package in the mail from them. The label on the package says it is a Stainless Steel Cutlery something or other (that part is in Chinese) .

This item shows a quantity of 1. It then lists the Wicker patio set with no quantity. I have no idea what the item in the package even is, but I can tell you that it is not stainless steel, it is rubber!!  As the quantity stated, there was no patio set!!