Brian J Lillie Brian Lillie and Stacy Lillie of Kannapolis NC and Stacy K Lillie owe us around 800k for the past two years.Every week they find a new excuse North Carolina Kannapolis North Carolina


BRIAN J LILLIE and Tracy K Lillie of kanapolie NC 

With this complaint we are warning  investors and businesses to be aware of the fraud and deception being committed by  the owner of the companies listed below.

All the companies including are as follow:

Enterprise Holdings Group (EHG) Colubris Ventures Lilliham Holdings Three Wide Media         Dirt Monthly Dirt Late Model        Dirt Modified Flat Out                  Chalk Couture/Lillie Designs

Big Daddy Chassis and E Creative.( they are always creating new companies )

The owner of these companies offers a Leverage program with very high returns in order to reel individuals in.   Which turns out to be nothing other than a Lie

He takes Millions of dollars from companies and individuals offering 100% + returns on their money monthly.  He offers consultants a high return also of 25% or more to entice them to bring the clients in.  We believed everything he was doing was a legitimate program and as a result we brought in several clients of course not realizing at the time that he is just running a big lie .

He is not a trader or has any license to trade .

Once he advises that the programs have begun he makes small payout's that are nowhere near the amounts he had offered at the beginning of the leverage program. After these initial payments are made he cannot make additional payments that is when he starts to fabricate documentation including email to show funds are still coming in when they are not.

He continues to use attorney emails/bank statements/copy’s of wire receipts that are not real in order to show that what he is saying is the truth.

At the end you will not see 90% of your money !!!!!!

The wires are never received by recipients. He was using a large law firm for the Leverage to get clients to commit.

The law firm that was used for the program was Gowling WLG based out of Canada.

Gowling WLG sent various emails and correspondence indicating that they were holding such funds and that wires were being sent which was not the case.   The other attorney firm used was Leo J. Salvatori Law Firm.   On several occasions emails from this law firm were sent to us indicating that the wires had already been processed and not one wire was ever received.  The attorney sent direct emails to owner of the above companies for him  to forward  to our attorney claiming his assistant  was at the bank initiating the wires and confirming they had been done. That was also not the case.

Once we start to questions where the funds for the clients and consultants are; he becomes agitated and defensive (just like a person does when they are lying) and he comes with different stories that the bank held the money, the attorney put it through compliance, the SEC has a hold of it and another 1000+ more excuses, just like a professional lier.if you are reading this you know that he is a smooth talker a church person that he adopt a kid and that everyone else is a lier.

Everything that he tells you is a lie do your homework.

He sends emails and correspondence from banks/attorneys/ and bankers that are fraudulent.  (Remember his intention is to steal your money) We have many emails from the Law Firms above to back his stories (the stories as told by him). We have account statements showing massive deposits and wire receipts that never materialize (all fake). If you try to contact the bankers to verify any of the documents he sends over; either they won’t speak to you, or he will connect you directly. That is one of the tactics he uses in order to buy time or not put a real banker on the call.

Brian Lillie signs all kinds of documents and makes all kinds of promises offering to pay and does not follow through on anything. He continues to lie. None of these wires are ever received. He always claims that there's an issue with the banks. He knows how to manipulate the situation and tries to keep clients close by feeding them stories that are not true.

The clients concern and hope of being paid makes the situation difficult. Using this ensures no one argues any points with him.   From our own experience we have been dealing with this for the last year and a half with no peace or resolution in sight.

If you look at his history this is not the first time he has done ,We will take all appropriate action necessary to prosecute this man for all his lies and deceit.

Case in Point:

Nature of Suit – Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Cause18:1961 Racketeering (RICO) Act

If you are a victim or plan on doing any business with the owner of these companies please contact us before you do. Everyone  should know including his family the type of individual this guy is.  This man has destroyed  businesses, families and futures.