Black Card Books Not up to their words and promises, they hire unqualified people to work with their clients, in short they are scam



This company has got great speakers who can convince you that water is metal; couple of them, specially; but they are just for the sake of speaking only and practically they are not as organized and specialized as they told you they are.

For instance, their "editorial board" is stationed in some other oversea countries, like Philippines, in my case. I paid a decent amount of money for the service that I was promised I would get. But at first, telling the workshop attendees (me part of it) that they have the best editors, mentors proofreader and teams etc., but what you will find is absolutely the opposite, and they are not up to their promises. Many of their team members are not better than an average English language speaker, for that matter.

The very first time I heard the voice of the person who would train me “publish speech” skills; my moral and energy goes to almost zero. Even if I continue to work with whatever I was facing, the team do not respond on time and that time is counting against your advantage, as you should be completing the writing within specific time, you don’t finish your job with in the time frame, you lost your money, I did lost a decent amount of money.

1) When I first signup for their services, I was very euthanistic and energetic, but when I started working with the “team” the very first thing I noticed was that they hire very unqualified people. Honestly speaking, as a part of the package I signed up to get a “public speaking” skills and what I encountered on my very first and the consecutive correspondences with couple of their trainers is that they are not even better that the person they are supposed to train.

2) Honestly speaking, I have had a lot of back and forth with their designer group for more than 20 to 30 times, with all copies of the corrections that I want them to make; unfortunately, it took them to much time, and weren’t able to do it the way I wanted it, although I clearly communicated with their designers. And I have to hire an independent designer (which they agreed, …. I suspect the do outsource that job to some other designer too) to get it done; even if I managed to get it done as my desire, unfortunately, it took too much back and forth to get the preface/introduction part alone and the time already is over and I lost all my money.

I want anyone who wants to make business with this company think twice before signing up their service. They are not up to their words and promises. Beware!