Best Movers Of America Best Movers Of America This company is a scam for sure Hollywood FL


They low ball your estimate then blame you for having more stuff then you said. I can't control what they put on the estimate and for all I know they changed it after I electronically signed. I don't see how that can stand up because it's not a real signature. I knew that they hired a different company to come move your stuff.

I wasn't able to be there because they couldn't come on the original date and I had to leave. When they did come they told my mom that it would be over a $1000 more than the quote. That company also charged $110 to pack my lamps which arrived broken anyway. That's a whole other complaint. You can't get a hold of customer service after hours or on the weekend.

You have to text the sales person then you will get a call back from a customer service manager. Once you get your stuff delivered they won't talk to you anymore. I called on a Saturday during business hours back to back like 20 times and no answer. I finally texted the sales person and the manager. Finally got an email from customer service saying that they can schedule a call from the manager on that Monday.

I talked with someone who listened and seemed nice. Said she would find out with the moving company if I was charged weight or cubic square feet. Never heard from her again. I tried to dispute one part of my deposit with my credit card company because they weren't willing to try and help. I fell like I should be reimbursed for part of my deposit. I didn't get the service that they were claiming to give.

All they want is your money and when they receive that they could care less about you. All they had to do was let that one charge go and they won't even do that. I hope more people complain and write in to the BBB because they don't do good business at all. I even expressed that I wanted a different moving company and apparently they only use one because I still had the same company that couldn't come the first time.

This is the worst company ever. If they read this all you have to do is have good customer service and refund me something for my aggravation and poor service that I received and they don't even want to do that. This company should not be in business at all.