Alan Jays Chev Alan Jays Cadillac Dealership I took auto to Alan Jays and thet stated the screen has craze cracks and was affecting the Computers Sebring Fl.


Alan Jays took down the information and did not advise me or schedule an appointment! I went to the town next to a cadilac dealership called Houston. They took down all the information and called back the next day telling me that the only one (screen) was assigned to alan jays.

I need to go back to them so I did and the part was not there and was waiting for me to set a time up. No one ever called me back to tell me of the installation. I saw houston then an found out that alan jays put a hold on the only screen that was out there.  I did and I advised the dealership harry took all the information and said he will bill.

I went to pick up auto to find out that he had got the part from gm and cadillac and billed the parts and labor which he got paid 2 times 1st from insurance company and gm. it is all from a class-action lawsuit that is taking place now. The dealership was not being honest with me as a consumer. the dealership is being dishonest, double-dipping and ripping off consumer in the service of my auto.