Loraine Sigler Fisher, In Threw The Outdoors Rebutal to Report from Karen M. made against myself and my Company Meridian Idaho


After thouroughly researching my files I found I have never done any work for this person and feel this is an attempt to ruin my reputation.

Had I done work for this person why didnt she confront me further on the situation ?  The agreement she would have HAD to sign before we began the deconstruction of whatever buildings she is refering to includes an inventory of materials being salvaged.  She could have sued me,   filed a claim with the Better Business Breau in our area and turned me into the Sherriffs department for the drug parafinilla she claims to have found.

Altho I am fairly certain this is a complete attempt at taking down my business  and ruin my reputation, I am completly willing to listen and work with this person to resolve this situation.