John Benjamin Selters, III J. Benjamin Selters, III. FRAUDS ELDERLY AND VULNERABLE INDIVIDUALS OF THEIR ESTATE Pomona California


Attorney and Notary Public, John Benjamin Selters preys upon vulnerable elderly and mentally incompetent individuals to STEAL THEIR ESTATE for himself.

Selters has taken on clients and gained conservatorship of strangers only to inevitably "sell" their property TO HIMSELF.

Recently, Benjamin Selters stole the estate of a friendly schizophrenic individual named James Knight, shortly after James' elderly mother had passed away. In doing so, Setlers LIED in court papers, and completely dismissed the fact that Knight had live in the home that Selters stole all his life and grew up in that home. Yet, Selters challenged James' mother's dying wishes that her estate be left to James, and claimed instead that it be left to HIM! In essence, Setlers STOLE the estate for himself! Now, he is currently seeking to EVICT and EJECT James of his home and all that he has known all his life. 

In my own personal experience, Selters procured a fraudulent and backdated "amendment" to my great grandmother's Trust AFTER SHE DIED. This phony amendment bears a forged signature and lacks a thumbprint in the notary ledger! As it turned out, my aunt, Catherine Ann Tomas, and the adverse party in my family probate case, was ACTUALLY OUT GAMBLING at Commerce Casino according to her bank statements.

In addition, my aunt, Cathy Tomas, has for over 3-decades forged the autographs of many soap opera actors and actresses on shows like Bold and the Beautiful and Young and the Restless. Cathy Tomas is a professional forger, who has made a career out of forging autographs of actors and actresses.

Indeed, she conspired with Benjamin Selters, to also forge, backdate, and procure a fraudulent amendment to my great-grandmother's Trust after she passed away.

Cathy Tomas has a lengthy history of identity theft, forgery, elder abuse, obituary fraud, and the like.

Cathy Tomas maintains another identity as "Cathy Thomas", and hold title to property under this name at 368 Heather Heights Ct., Monrovia, CA 91016. 

Benjamin Selters needs to leave the wishes of dead people ALONE! Benjamin Selters needs to stop taking advantage of elderly and vulnerable individuals.