Gerald Allan Hennessy Bentley Kensington, Inc. rented a lemon and won’t return a deposit Seattle WA


Did not do a damage checklist before renting me a room in this house, and attempted to blame me for damage that was his oversight.

Specifically, a broken shower head that was leaking into the basement ceiling. He cut a giant hole in that ceiling, and did not fix it. He threatened to evict me.

That same day, a plumber came by to check the problem and notified Gerald that roots were growing into the pipes in front of the house, and were going to be a problem later.

Later that year, I was renting out the space in the basement, and to my unpleasant surprise in the middle of the night learned that root problem wasn't dealt with. So the drain was backed up and both the shower and toilet were oozing gunk and it flooded half the basement.

A month or so later, after it was fixed and the floor was replaced, another unpleasant suprise I discovered in the middle of the night. The weather was getting colder, and the basement had NO CENTRAL HEATING. Gerald suggeted I use the fireplace, which did nothing, then bought two space heaters which only covered half the apartment. This is totally illegal, you can't rent to someone in cold and wet Seattle without climate control.

You can't rent to someone without accurately inspecting the place for damage first. If you do, you for sure can't keep their damage deposit.

But, unsurprisingly, that is what Gerald is doing. He has been evasive and unwilling to return my damage deposit.

Shame on him.