Choice Home Warranty Choice Home Warranty fraudulent representations Edison NJ


This is the ad Choice Home Warranty is posting online for "Senior Citizens". I cancelled my warranty after they refused to repair and/or replace my stack washer/dryer which had been working fine and had never had any repairs over an 18 year period (they say "even 20 years") and had met their "waiting period" to qualify for repairs/replacement.

Their technician told me one thing, told them another, and didn't provide them with the pictures he took of my unit. I filed an appeal and was told by their "appeal person" that they were not going to pursue my claim any further and would be closing it. The ad is as follows:

Get A Home Warranty

Unexpected home repairs can be a nightmare and literally wipe out your bank account.  This can be catastrophic, especially for seniors living on a fixed budget.

Unfortunately by the time most home owners hear about this, it's already too late. Choice Home Warranty is a brillant program that could save you thousands of dollars on costly repairs when you need it most. Never pay for covered appliance failures, electrical issues, broken furnaces and any other applicane at the [end] of it life cycle.

Many homeowners make the maistake of assuming their major applicanes are covered under their homeowners insurance, that is until their furnace or refrigerator breaks down and they are left paying hundreds or even thousand of dollars out of pocket. Problems like a broken refrigerator or dishwasher are not cheap to fix or replace. What about a broken air conditioner or furnace? These issues would likely cost $1,000's of dollars out of pocket to fix!

Luckily, homeowners can now take advantage of a home warranty plan regardless of when their home was purchased. Even if you purchased your home [20 years ago], you are covered under the event of unforeseen repairs.