Work With Tyree Tyree Araya, Tyree Unpaid investment Los Angeles CALIFORNIA


 I invested 2,000 dollars with Tyree March 2019 I was supposed to get 100% reutrn in 30 days GUARANTEE. The first month of no return I knew something was not right.  He will send screenshots charts showing " what the investment is doing" I think those are all lies.

I've been in contact with him every week via text messages Instagram or Telegram, he has so many different scam stories as to why you are not paid it is RIDICULOUS. His latest is that His Broker that he has known all is life has scammed him out of 30 thousand dollars which included my 1st month return, HOW CONVENIENT.

He is on instagram showing money and things that is supposed to be his but apparently it isn't if you can't pay back a small investor. I do feel like now he is using money from individuals who he recieves money from.  

Everything the Prior person who was fruaded stated is true. He will post pictures on social media, Post signals on Telegram where his name is Tyree. He has a dictionary full of LIES that he tells you to make you feel like he isn't a scammer or that he is trying to get your money to you.

But it is all LIES, It has been 7 months and I have not recieved 1 dollar of my investment. I get screenshots of what"the supposed" investment is doing. But when it is time to send money he does not.

If your feel for the same scam as I did please reach out to me. I have reported them to the FBI and authorities. if anyone has also been scammed by these individuals please reach out to me!