Wimpy Winpisinger Joeseph Winpisinger Contacted me about setting up listing appointments


On or about 7/24/2019 I was contacted by a person that introduced himself as Wimpy Winpisinger alleging that he was capable of setting 4 listing appointments for the mere cost of $500. Of course he shared that he was the master at cold calling FSBO's and Expired listings.

Being that I was intrigued with the notion that this could be good for my agents and my company I did as "Wimpy" had asked and sent him $500 via Venmo as that was his preferred method of payment being that others had given him bad checks in the past. 

This is where the mess begins. The leads that Wimpy set up were mediocre at best. The first appointment was with the daughter of a homeowner who wanted to meet at a Starbucks and not the home. When my agent went to the appointment the daughter explained that her ex-husband lives in her mom's house with his new girlfriend and she doesn't know if she wants to sell being she wants to get back with her ex-husband.

She did assure my agent that took the appontment that her mom may want to sell. There was no positive outcome just a waste of time. Wimpy of course blamed me for not getting the listing because I did not go to the appontment and ask for it. Additionally he was very abrasive and used curse words as well as kept telling me that I was whining and making excuses. Nonetheless he indcated that this was in fact a legitimate listing appointment and went against the 4 that I paid for.

On the second listing appointment, that was rescheduled for a second time and the homeowner showed up 15 minutes late it did seem fairly legitimate and to date the listing amy still take place.

The 3rd listing appointment ended very poorly being the owner did not show up on that Sunday when we first scheduled the appointment. The homeowner stated in a phone conversation that he had communicated the cancellation with the person that set the appointment and he was terribly sorry that this information was not communicated to me.

The homeowner did agree to meet with me the next day and upon doing so let me know that he was truly confused as to what I was doing there being that he is a builder and his business partner is the only real estate broker he would use. Clearly there was NO effort put into setting this apppointment and even less effort to determine that this guy has a business partner that represents him as a real estate broker. 

When I called "Wimpy" Joe Winpisinger he cursed me every way he knew how, taunted me with the notion that I would not be getting my money back and threated to go to the FREC and file a complaint about me. He stated he woulod destroy my real estate business. I did finally hang up on this guy and figured I would just cut my losses. That did not go well because this guy continues to call and threaten me and curse at me from various numbers so that I would not know it was him. He has a revoked real estate license yet he goes around soliciting his "Real Estate Services". His services were far less then he had led me to believe. 

I guess the old saying, "If it sounds to good to be true it usually is" is most appropriate to say at this time.