Weiser Financial, Corey Weiser Weiser character not worthy of a financial planner orlando Florida


We did some business with Mr Corey Weiser and it turned to be a terrible experience. First he will use his fake soft voice and will talk to you like he is your best friend. Once you disagree with him, he will become vindictive and will bash you using the internet .

We want to be sure we express our freedom of speech in regards to Mr Weiser character but  Mr Weiser is trying to intimidate us via the use of threat made by multiple text, phone calls and letter sent by his lawyer.

Our encounter with mr Weiser is not directly related with Weiser financial but with his behavior , immaturity, lack of life experience and respect, arrogance. Mr Weiser does not like NO for an answer. His lack respect for people who do not want to do business with him is out of his world!!!

Mr Weiser will post countless negative reviews about  people and business who encountered  his spoiled, arrogant, immature, compulsive, psycho behavior. From an accountant who did not want to do his tax return filing, a cabinet installer who refused to do business with him, a bank or a restaurant who made him wait in line, a restaurant who take a bit longer to serve him during busy hours…most refused to work with him as he acted like a spoil brat.

Mr Weiser does not like to follow  a company policy and hate No for an answer. Due to behavior we mentioned, in no case we can recommand Mr Weiser as a financial planner with such wierd Character and leave him in charge of our hard working money.