Watch Repairs USA Pretended the were going to fully restore my chronograph, and simple kept it and refused to return it. Rockville Centre New York


I'd be interested to know if anyone else out there has been scammed by Watch Repairs USA as I have. A year ago I sent them my fifty year old Tissot T12 for "a complete rebuilding and overhaul." They charged me over $1100 for this "service" and have broken about a dozen promises to return the chronograph to me.

In my opinion they are simply a front for stealing your antique timepiece while they charge you for fictional repairs. I've saved all the emails, and I certainly can prove my case. In truth the Tissot is probably only worth about $2,000, but it was a gift from my parents on a graduation trip to Curacao, and it is one of my most prized possessions. American Express was kind enough to refund the fake repair charges, but I want my watch back. Counsel in the Rockville Centre area of NY interested in pursuing a recovery on my behalf should contact me.

Beware of this unethical vendor (!