VIP Miami Vacations Stole money and are now hiding after renting out my property on AirBNB Sunny Isles Beach Florida


I let Ronnie Dobrushin (the owner of VIP Miami Vacations) post my property on his AirBNB account and rent it out. The agreement was that he would send me the entirety of the money and take a fixed percentage of the income made from that listing since he was bringing in tenants into the property. He got me a couple of rentals before and sent me the money as agreed upon.

However, one day I had a rental come in through him that would have gave me over $6000 in income. He would typically send me the money within the day of the tenants moving in, as money is transferred into your AirBNB account at that time. This time, he started making excuses how the money has not been transferred and to give him a moment. A day goes by and I ask him for the money, where he still makes the same excuse. Then, yet another day goes by and he still doesn’t have the money apparently.

I call him a final time and he stops picking up the phone and stop returning and emails or phone calls. I called him from another phone number. He ran off with over $6000 in rental income. I contacted AirBNB and they filed a fraud report, although they couldn’t do much for me. He filed this reservation under a fake name, “Ronnie Gnesin”. I also visited the office he leases, and the receptionist informed me that he has not shown up in over a week but has been calling her, which means he is still in the area. I even contacted the tenants that stayed in the property and they confirmed that they paid Ronnie.

Stay away from this business and all costs, as this is criminal behavior.