VideoRemix Sneaky: VideoRemix Rebills Annual Product Subscriptions with No Advance Notice, No Refunds Makati City Makati City


FAIR WARNING: FYI, VideoRemix rebills its annual product subscriptions with NO (ZERO) advance notice to the user.

From VideoRemix's Terms of Service fine print, Section 6b:

"If you wish to cancel your subscription, please notify us at least 3 days before the end of your current term (via an email to [email protected]) . Upon cancellation, your account access will be revoked at the end of the current billing cycle. Your campaigns will stop running and access to such content will be removed. Rebilled subscriptions will not be refunded if no notice of cancelation is received 3 days before the renewal date."

Guess how many advance email notices VideoRemix sends to the user notifying them prior to to hitting the user's PayPal account for a annual product rebilling?

ZERO. NONE. NADA. NO warning. NO advance notice of annual product rebilling is given by VideoRemix. On purpose. 

I just got hit for $297, that I apparently can never get back. 

REQUEST FOR REFUND? DENIED (see the fine print from VideoRemix Terms and Conditions above)

Response from VideoRemix Customer Service to a refund request?

"We are sorry to read that you would like a refund, please note that our refund policy does not cover recurring transactions. You can cancel your recurring transactions directly via PayPal or by reaching out to us via the support channel at least 3 days before renewal date.

Kindly see our terms of service below, refer to item 6b:"

This is the moral equivalent to paying a tire dealer to install new tires on your car, then the tire dealer sneaks onto your driveway at night a year later (no advance notice provided) and they replace your tires with new ones. Then, when you ask for a refund (and your old tires back), the tire dealer rep directs you to the fine print of their Terms and Conditions, where it says you had to provide them 3 days advance notice letting them know that you don't want or need new tires. 

It was in the fine print of the Terms and Conditions, which virtually no one reads.

Legal? Yes. 

A Legal RIPOFF? ABSOLUTELY. FAIR WARNING if you're considering purchasing any annual subscription from VideoRemix.