UBER Violent and Dangerous Uber Driver


My wife and I ordered an Uber from Miami International Airport tonight and when I saw the driver approaching I waved and made eye contact with him. Instead of the driver driving to where we were in front of him he decided to stop across us about 20 feet. While we found this to be extremely rude and unprofessional we walked over to his SUV and started to walk to the back of the suv and waited for him to get out of his car to get our luggage.

The driver did not open the hatch trunk and did not exit the vehicle to get our bags. My wife walked over to his door and knocked on the window as he was still on the phone and asked if he was the Uber driver and to please get our bags and open the trunk. I started to place my bags in the trunk and then the driver started cursing out my wife and then got out of the suv walked to the back of the suv and violently grabbed our bags and violently threw my luggage across the ground.

I told him he was being violent and that we felt this was horribly inappropriate and we were going to call the cops and he reached to grab the trunk door and almost slammed it on my head with blunt force I had to hold it up for it to not hit me. He very badly wanted me to get out of the way for him to leave immediately but I very badly wanted to call the cops. He tried to hit me but I backed up and then he reached for a gun on his waist needless to say I was very much afraid for my safety and the safety of my wife.

We took a picture of his license plate and I am making it visible online for all to see and to prevent from anything worst happening to an unsuspecting person simply looking for an Uber ride. This man is violent and dangerous! Please be careful! Uber certainly does not seem to have a proper comprehensive vetting system in place for drivers and places us all in harms way with mentally ill drivers such as this one.

We were at a very busy airport and this man could have shot and killed us and shot others in our surroundings. This man drove off violently and wrecklessly. His plate number is: LA *** 
He was driving a blue Tiguan Volkswagen SUV