Travis Isaacs Concrete Creations A No Show Show Low Arizona


Please, please, please Do Not Hire This Man! We have been dealing with Travis Isaacs owner of Travis Isaacs Concrete Creations since September 13th 2019.  He came out, gave us an estimate on our project, him and I shook hands.  I ask for something in writing, he said the hand shake was good.  He did send it later in an email.  We made appointments with him several times, he was a “No Show” and he always had reasons/excuses every single time!

Finally in April 2020 (7 months later) he said no matter what, he would be here but the bid he gave us has changed and he sent an email.  The bid was higher, material was less quality. We toll him that we would like him to honor the first bid that he gave us, after all the delays were not our fault the delays were his.  It ended up because we did not agree with the changes of higher price and materials being of less quality, he told us “I am going to pass on your job”? 

Really, after we put our faith, trust and time (7 months) into this man he just “passed”? He is a child, he does not know how to schedule jobs or be professional !!!  Save yourself time and a lot of aggravation, “pass” on even contacting him Do NotT Deal With Him!  We have all correspondence with him…..