TOTAL AV Computer Anti-virus rip off garland TX


My computer  anti-virus subscription had expired and I was looking for a new provider.  I started looking on the internet and came across a company called TOTAL AV and they were offering a special.  This is one of those deals where if it sounds to good, it usually is.   They were offering a one year suscription for $19.00.  

I gave them my info and paid for this service with a credit card.   I then went to their web site too download the software, after this was done, I clicked on the scan button and a message came up that this feature was not activated, I clicked on this button and I received another message that I needed to activate the Pro Anti-virus feature and this was going to cost me another $29.00. 

I quickly removed this software from my computer and checked my bank statement to see if the $19.00 charge had gone thru and it had.  Now they advertise that if you are not fully satisfied with their anti-virus software you can get a full refund, but there is one big ptoblem with this statement, good luck on how to go about filing for a refund.  Good luck, no such number, no such zone.   Stay away from this outfit, nothing but bad news.