this guy Dale is a scammer. He gives unclear alerts on SPY options. On his first alert, it would say He gives live stock options alert wrong Nobby Beach Queensland


This guy Dale is a scammer.  He gives unclear alerts on SPY options.  On his first alert of the day "We will follow SPY 100719 $296 call to start the day".   But when SPY goes down he would change his alert to "We are now following SPY 100719 $291 PUT option .13 now .16. 

Over half of his trade lost money but in his daily trade website, he writes it that he makes 100% profit, 500%, 5,000% and so on.  It's like a too good to be true.  In his website money compound, that you can turn $1,000 into $3,325,256.73 with $1,000 invested.  Don't trust this guy Dale, stay away.  He's full of Sh…