Stoneycroft Country Club I am in the golf club repair and fitting business. I did some work for the Stoneycroft Country Club back in May. And it took over 9 weeks to get paid on a bill that was close to $800. Bloomfield Hills Michigan


Stoneycroft Country Club Ryan Reynolds I am in the service industry and I did a few projects for some members through their PGA Pro. After completing the project within about 1 week (2 of the three project were done within 2 days the third I had to wait for custom materials to come in).

It took me 9 weeks to get paid on those projects. It was a horrible experience and will not do business again with them. I do believe that the owner of the pro shop tried to rip me off on this. If I did not force the issue I would not have gotten paid the close to $800 I was owed.

 It was a holible experience and I do think thay would have tried to pocket the money if I did not show up to get pain on the project. If anyone is asked to do business with them hold off and make sure you have a set timeframe to get paid.