Stacy Rustman a/k/a Stacy Braaten d/b/a Royal Oaks Cavalier King Charles and Doodles! a/k/a Royal Oaks Cavalier King Charles mini schnauzers and doodles a/k/a Royal Oak Kennel 2 PUPPIES FROM HER DIED (genetic) – 1 at 8 weeks of age and 1 at 1 year of age Alexandria MN


SUMMARY:  I purchased 2 puppies from Stacy.   The first one died on 10-4-18 from congenital kidney disease.  The second one died on 1-21-20 from IMT (another congenital disease).  In addition to the heartbreak, I have spent just under $4,000 and Stacy won’t even refund the purchase price.  I have since learned that others have lost dogs from Stacy to illness.

 DOTTIE:  I purchased a cavapoo (“DOTTIE”) from Stacy and took possession of her on 10-4-2018.  Stacy said she was born on 8-10-18; that her mother was Willow and her father was Corbin.  Stacy posted on her Facebook page that Willow had babies on 8-29-18.  This is a picture of Dottie taken by Stacy on 9-3-18.  It is clear from this picture that Dottie was born on 8-29, not on 8-10.  Therefore, she was only 5 weeks old when Stacy sent her home with me. 

Dottie was diagnosed on 10-15 with roundworms.  (Roundworms are passed from the mother prior to birth or from the mother’s milk after birth.)  On 10-23-18, she was diagnosed with congenital kidney disease, and on 10-24-18 ~ when she was 8 weeks old ~ she had to be euthanized.  It is unknown whether Dottie’s mother (Willow) or father (Corbin) carried the kidney disease gene.

 STELLA:  Dottie’s replacement cavapoo (“STELLA”) was born on 12-21-18 and I brought her home on 2-15-19.  Stacy assured me that the parents were not Dottie’s parents; she said Stella’s mother was Latte and her father was Buddy.  On 1-9-19, Stacy told me that Stella’s father was Corbin.  Stella went to my vet on 3/4/19 and was diagnosed with ear mites.  She also started treatment on that date for blood and mucus in her stool.  The stool issues continued and she was finally diagnosed on 5-24-19 with hookworms.  It is believed she got them from her mother’s milk.

On 1-8-20, Stella was diagnosed with Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia (“IMT”), a disease in which the immune system reacts against platelets just as it would against a foreign bacteria or virus.  When this happens, platelets ~ which are required to form blood clots and stop bleeding ~ are destroyed.  The blood tests were negative for tick diseases and the x-rays showed no obvious issues.  Therefore, through a process of elimination, the vet believed Stella’s IMT was “Primary” ~ meaning it is genetic from one of the parents.  Stella did not respond to the medications and we had to euthanize her on 1-21-20.