Sprinkler Authority Dr Green Hands Benjamin Bishop Dylan Strouse Sadie Souza The owner of Sprinkler Authority, Ben Bishop, physically threatened me on my own property during his job at my home. Reno Nevada


I hired Sprinkler Authority to help fix my manifold. He came early, but that was the only pleasant part of my experience.

I am a disabled general contractor and saw questionable technique with his pipe gluing. I asked him about it, and asked if he would focus my sprinklers while he was here. 

He did not want to, and wanted to set an additional appointment to do that for me. He did agree to focus the sprinklers over the phone, prior to him coming to my home.

He now was backing out of our agreement, and asked him to leave. He then clinched his fist and came chest to chest with me.

He threated to sue me, I asked him to leave. He refused, I told him I would call the police. He quickly ripped up his work (by hand, proving my hunch about his workmanship) and left.

I looked his business up and could not find any license for Benjamin Bishop, Ben Bishop, Sprinkler Authority, SprinklerRepairReno.com

I felt physically threatened, and even worse after finding out he doesn't have a license wonder if hes qualified to be in someone's home.