Spectrum Lied and refused to be accountable for refunding the money the stole St Petersburg Florida


The condo I live in as of July 1, 2019 has a service agreement with Spectrum for a bronze service. 

I paid for the month of July and didn't have too. When I went to their (spectrum)place it was confirmed by 2 employees that yes I did not need to pay the bill. I was told to call a number, given a card and sent out the door. I called and the rep took all my information. Confirmed again it was July 1. Gave me a ticket number and told me that I would get my refund 7 to 10 business days later. 

After business day 11 I called and spoke with a rep. He said he didn't need the ticket number. He reported that I was misinformed and that I was not entitled to any refund. He insisted that they did not start services until Aug 1. I told him that was not true and after a while asked for a supervisor.  A woman who identified herself as the supervisor told me the same load of crap. 

I confirmed with the HOA that it was July and they owe me my 84.00 back