Sal’s Complete Remoldeling Sal’s Complete Remoldeling Phone number 8329222963 This guy tried to rip me off houston, Texas


Call him for an estimate because i thought i need foundation work and his ad said free estimates. I bought the house 10 years ago and didn’t know the foundation had already been lifted. This info was not disclosed at the time of purchase. I was seeing the mud and tape from the seems from the wall and ceiling drying up and starting to crack in the master bed room. So this guy sends some dudes out then he calls saying i need 8k to 12k worth of repairs.

He said he supected a cracked pipe in the foundation and that he need to lift the house about 1″. I asked him for a written estimate so i could present it to my home insurance and he says there is a $150 charge for a written estimate. Thinking that price was ludacris i deside to get more estimates from other compaines. Alied foundation repair, Olshan’s, & Houston Foundation Pros. They all told me the excact same thing. They all said my foundation was good & level and i didn’t need any foundation work.

Each of these companies went as far to show me where the repairs had been made. Keep in mind i am brand new to this and didn’t realise the foundation had already been repaired by one of the previous owners. So i text Sal’s Complete Remodeling, Salvador Ruizphone number 8329222963 back and ask this guy a simple question. How did he come up with the price he gave me and what eactly was he seeing wrong with my foundation.

He refuses to answer telling me not to bother him. I told him to run his game on some other sucker, then this moron starts texting me like a love sick broad until i blocked his a*s. Then he want to leave messages telling me not to call him asking ridiculous questions. Beware this guy is a crook, scam artist, con.