rpi designs llc americancustomtuning americanperformanceparts Deceptive Advertising Practices. Fraudulent Payment / Refund Processing. Horrible Customer Service Salem ohio


Co is operating under various names. ( #1 red flag) On ebay under "americanperformanceparts" They also operate under "americancustomtuning"

Co. is advertising & selling product that they do not actually have. They accept payments for "in stock" items, then refusing to ship / cannot ship said product.

Co. lies about shipping said product, but repeatedly refusing to provide tracking number (after stating it had been shipped)

Co. then provides multiple ship dates in a stall tactic, including a 4-5 day shipping time posted on their listing, then a 10 day window, then a 17 day, now they are saying 3 more weeks…all to prolong / avoid issuing refund. This ties up consumer $$ for weeks at a time. It also waste considerable time of the consumer dealing with all the lies, stalling, waiting and back and forth BS. None of this seems to matter to them whatsoever.

Co. admitts that they do not have the items.

Co. has failed to deliver the product and have indicated that they cannot do so in an acceptable time frame, or even 3x to 4 x the time frame that they themselves established.

Co. then, as if this isnt bad enough, flat out refusing to cancel the order & refund purchase price as soon as possible in order to minimalize the inconvienece & frustration of their customers.  Customers concerns, and attempts at resolutioon are marginalized, sidelined &/or outright ignored.

This is not only fraudulent, but clearly deliberately poor & intentionally deceptive marketing practices.

Their ebay feeback & othe ronline reviews shows a pattern of similar behavior.