PROBSTEIN 123 Rick Probstein Scammed me out of valuable sports cards Clifton New Jersey


My complaint is that I’m being “stone walled” by a consignor that I sent valuable merchandise to believing him to be a legitimate business.  Please let me know if your office can help me with this or possible direct me to an authority that can.  After numerous emails and phone calls nothing gets a response.

Last January I wanted to sell some sports cards from my collection to generate some extra income. I tried listing on ebay but they limited to one item and $10 total sale per month.  This made it unrealistic for me to sell through ebay so I decided to work through a consignment broker to sell my cards.   Ebay works through a few consignors in this category and I chose Probstein 123. Probstein 123 is a consignment broker working primarily through ebay on a commission basis.  Probstein claims to be ebays largest seller at over $100 million annually.

I contacted Probstein 123 through ebay messenger service and gave a list of the items I wanted to sell.  Rick Probstein responded and suggested I box the items along with my contact information and send it to him.  I did so on January 27th 2021

These cards were delivered and signed for on February 3, 2021 by a J. Romero   I have heard nothing from Probstein 123 since.  I made numerous attempts to contact probstein by ebay messenger and email attached email trail will verify that.  I did finally reach Rick Probstein by phone on February 24th and he told me he had my shipment and would soon be looking at it to post.  That’s the last I’ve heard from him.  I have copies to back up all of my claims