Penn Foster committed Phoen Fraud and Billing Fraud Scanton Pennsylvania


I signed my son up for a course in Behavioral Dog Training with Penn Foster arpound July 2020. They wanted or insisted on Automatic debits through my Paypal account. On November 2020 They stopped taking Automatic debits and I was notified to pay Penn Foster because of this. The Recurring payments occurred on the 7th of each month. I attempted to pay Penn Foster sending money manually at the address below because they were taking money from this email as well automatically paypal reported verified as well

[email protected]

When I sent the money Paypal reported that the email did not exist so it was stuck in holding for 30 days. I reclaimed the money after 30 days. Penn Foster than did another automatic debit around 11/09/2020. I asked them about this how come you are taking money from a once verified paypal account to a non existent paypal account. Penn Foster in December debited the account in December and they refused to grade the project for my son after following all guidelines. I reported Penn Foster to the Better Business Bureau and they Penn Foster sent my 17 year old son a coupon payment booklet with my son’s name on it. I told Penn Foster a 17 year old cannot enter into a contract and they would now be dealing with me. Age of consent is 18 years old for a contract not a minor.

On January 25th 2021, Penn Foster called from Bellingham Washington  phone number 360-209-6559 caller id traced it. They told me to call  1-800-548-0603 number voice mail but the payment coupon booklet states 1-888-427-1000. This looked very suspicious so I called the 360 number and asked them you are wanting me to call up from 1-800-0380-7733 number and your coupon booklet states 1-888-427-1000 number and this was suppose to be in Scranton, Pa., not in Bellingham, Washington so I told them you do know you attempted to committ billing and phone fraud. The phone number 360 was reported to the FTC for phone fraud. They have sent me different email addresses during this process as well see below:

[email protected] | [email protected] | [email protected]

I have sent them invoices from Paypal to payback all 330.00 back but they stated it is against their policy. Problem is this policy broke the law by engaging in deceptive business practices, fraudlent billing and phone calls, threaten with collections possibly FCRA and FDCPA violation. The Attorney General of PA should revoke Penn Fosters license.