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JD Byrider CNAC Sold us an unreliable vehicle Denver Colorado

February 9, 2019 we needed a car, We choose JD Byrider because of our not so good credit. On February 27,2019 it was in the shop for a passenger side windshield washer sprayer. Then 6-7 months later on August 16, 2019 the Jeep broke down on I-70 leaving us stranded we had to coast down the hill to the dealership to drop it off at the shop.

A week later we had not heard anything so we called and the girl who answered said there was not a service ticket for the Jeep? We hung up minutes later Jeff from the service department called back and said the Jeep needed a new transmission and it had not arrived yet. I asked for a loaner and Jeff rudely said we don't normally do loaners but in this case ok.

We get the loaner the check engine light is on in the loaner giving me more anxiety. We had the loaner for a week and a half did not hear anything so we called on August 27, 2019 Josh said the Jeep was done and he was going to drive it home one more night to check it is running right?? We pick the Jeep up on August 28th 2019 only for the Jeep to die out again, we had to take the Jeep back on August 29th 2019.

Later that day Josh called and said it was the crankshaft sensor and they replaced it Jeep is ready. We pick up the Jeep drive it 2 days and on August 31,2019 it broke down again we then drop it off at the dealership again to be serviced. A week later September 6, 2019 we made the decision to voluntarily surrender the Jeep for mechanical issues Now unfortunately they are holding us responsible for the debt and also ran our credit again without our consent.

We need help we have been living a nightmare and they are not being kind and are lying to the BBB and everyone I have placed a complaint with. Note the service department also lost our key's which had our gas cap key on it leaving us with no gas cap key and no working key for the hatch back.

Abebooks Lost Books – Austin, TX ABC – Saint Louis, MO Resold a book that I purchased from them for 5x price I paid and refused to send me the book I purchased

Purchased an overpriced book on Abebooks through their vendor Lost Books in Austin Texas and almost 3 weeks after shipping confirmation the book still had not arrived. I contacted seller and they claimed they could not find the book and offered to either keep my money and put me on a list if the should by chance come across the book or refund the purchase.

After some digging I found this seller was trying to resell the book I purchased (the new listing has the EXACT SAME inventory number as my order) for 5x the price I originally paid for it. I contacted Abebooks to dispute this fraud by their seller only to get a generic email saying to contact seller. HUH?? I did some deep searching online for customer support phone number as they do not publicize it on their website to get a recording to call back during business hours, I called well with in their business hours.

Unfortunately I still needed the book so I found another seller selling a new copy of the book for double what I paid for the used book and purchased from ABC Books in Missouri. Four days later this seller sends me an email asking for $30 extra for heavy book shipping, mind you the book only weighs 8oz. Reluctantly I paid the extra processing only to have Abebooks double charge my credit card, cost of the book again plus the $30.

The charge was declined and they canceled my order without being able to contact them on their error. I immediately contacted the seller to let them know of the error on Abe’s part and a week later I still have no response from seller or Abebooks. Do not waste your time or money on Abebooks, Lost Books or ABC Books.