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Morrison Publishing, LLC MobileOptin.com Anthony Morrison.com WarriorPlus.com InboxInnerCircleSystem.com morrisonpublishing.com joinamb.com anthonymorrisonblog.com anthonymorrison.clickfunnels.com Morrison Academy Morrison Ambassador Program The Success Connection Refused to give me access to the MobileOptin program in a timely manner Chicago IL

In May of 2019 I attempted to purchase a marketing system called Mobile Optin.  I paid the first installment of $797 which was to be one of three payments.  I did this out of good faith based on the presentation of Anthony Morrison.  I did not get a working access link to start using the product and I contacted the company immediately. 

I did this for many days with no success although the payment was made via my bank credit card.   After three weeks I contacted the bank with a request that they reverse the charge as I had not received anything for this charge.  They opened an investigation but ultimately reversed their decision to treat this fraudulent charge and continued to bill me although I gave them every indication that I had not received any access and therefore the sale was not completed.  The legal definition for a legitimate sale is that "goods and/ or services must be received in exchange of money.  

I fully understood that Morrison had a clause that the purchase was non-refundable, but since this did not meet the basic minimum requirements for a sale, my seeking a refund for monies submitted did not legally apply as nothing (no product or service) was received and therefore did not apply to my situation.

After going back and forth with the bank (Credit One Bank) I have still not received a credit for this purchase and am still expected to make payments to this account (which I do along with interest charged).

After over two months, Morrison (via his mobile optin team) sent me an "Welcome Email" relating to the product.  B y this time I had forgotten the uses of this program as a great deal of time had passed and my recollection as to why and how I could use this had left me in unfamiliar territory a*s to the benefits if I were to get the program.  I therefore refused to open this email which I still have in my possession as the extensive amount of time that had lapsed made this purchase non-feasible and worthless.  

At this time I am seeking only a refund of the money I paid back into my account and require no further dealings with Anthony Morrison through any of his products and service programs.

I am hopeful that this experience will allow others who are interested in similar products/ services not be conned into a purchase that is fraudulent at best.  This assumption is based on all relevant facts relating to this transaction and the claims are being made not only to remedy my own financial blunder with dealing with this company by not completely checking out the company and its principals through consumer reporting agencies such as the "BBB," "Rip-Off Reports" and other reporting agencies.

Dennis Buchanan of Honda City con man , liar , fraudster, thief — to name a few For starters hire you with false information as to what you will be paid, scheduling, uncomfortable sexual remarks made , sexual harassment , prior fraudenlent activites , etc…. levittown ny


Wind 1906 AKA Windmeremarket marketplace Scamed Employeement and fraudulant products Aventura Florida

I was also cammed by this company I answered an add on creigslist they sent me the employeement ageement, I sent it back they added me to a portal where I would in put information of the packages received and they would also use the portal to communicate with me.

They sent several expensive mostly electronic produst, I would inspect them and reship to where the shipping label was written out to. They said I would be paid $2500 every 22nd of each month pluas a $20 bonus per package. Now its the 22nd of the month which would be my fist pay and they have logged me out and I can no longer get incontact with them.

spiritualdanso.com Fake spiritualistreview.com legacylovespells.com kellyspells.com Lie Cheat Steal Fake Fraud Scam New York NY

All three of the websites listed here have gotten together and are being run by one person with skim fraud stealing lying cheating and a private in the industry of good wholesome spell casters that are trying to help people instead they are the lowest of the low.

They’ve gone out of their way to make sure to harm others instead of putting good Karma in the air and working together so unfortunately they will end up with many more negative reviews like this one about their scam only so they can rebuild their website and be discovered and exposed again.

Or they could just stop being negative. Leave other websites alone and other clients wanting Spells Remove this when you take down or it continues my friends 🙂

Cumming’s Plumbing Cumming’s Plumbing wripped us off. The service man did nothing than watching the shower leak, charged $80 Plymouth MI

We had a leaking shower head. We contacted Cumming's Plumbing and be be clear we sent them a Video clip to show the problem. They indicated they have experienced workers and sent a service man, who did nothing except turning on the shower and watching the leak and said it's not fixable. IT took about 3 minutes. Demnded $80 payment on the spot which was paid by a check. WE contacted the office several times and expained that he only did what was shown on the video clip. THe Manager (Emily) agreed to refund payment. However, refund was not sent and she declined to answer our multiple calls.

The service man appeared clueless, inexperienced and was aprupt and harsh as were the manager (Emily). Clearly, unprofessional and clear rippoff and cheating. Terrible service and expeience.

Due to lack of adequate and acceptable service as was requested by us (customer) , and lack of sufficient experience by the service man and inability to perform repair (nature of problem was clearly shown on the video clip), and since the Manager admitted all these facts (as well as unqualified inexperienced service man), we request Full Refund of $80.  In fact, Emily agreed to do that, but she retracted her offer.

Select home warranty Home warranty rip off Mahwah NJ

 I purchased a home warranty from select home warranty company you should me that it had included roof repair. Ended up with a small leak in the roof I called on six 1119 to tell them that we had us a small leak I called every few days for the next six weeks they kept assuring me that they could not find anybody to come out and so they told me to go ahead and have someone fix it as long as it was under $150.

In within 90 days they would pay it in full I had it fixed I sent them the bill exactly the way they wanted to. Call them today to find out why I have not received my $150 they informed me that they canceled my service because I was unhappy which is not something I asked for but because the service was canceled they no longer are obligated to pay.

 This company is a rip off and needs to be close down as they have no intention of paying for covered repairs.

Charles Rowland JR and SR Choices of Alma Kountry Dawgs CMR Tix IMA Tioket Seller MOO MOO LLC Crossroads Entertainment Cottonwood Investments Blatent Wire Fraud Alma GA

Anyone in business with Charles Rowland of Alma, GA beware. 

This man is a serial theif with multiple financial fraud transactions in multiple states. He doctors bank statements and applies for working capital loans habitually and ends up keeping the money, closing his bank account and opening a new company and running the scam all over again.

He is truly the scum of the earth and it's going to be very pleasing when the FBI kicks down his door and takes him where he belongs. Prison. 

He has stolen 100's of thousands of dollars from hard working people at financial institutions with the Intent to Defraud them out of their money.  Where I come from, that 

I can't wait to read the headlines when they arrest and charge this guy with wire fraud.

Cashadvance/ attorney Patricia Croftt Threaten to file lawsuit against me Atlanta Georgia

This attorney and cash advance company said if I did not send them 650.00 Immediately they would file a lawsuit against me claiming I owe this to cash advance, when I asked them to sent me my original account number and show me my original loan amount they threaten me again with court and lawsuits , they would tell me what company I owe or my account number, is this operation a legal company? Please advise. Thank you

Buy Right Used Cars, Union City, New Jersey Sold me an unsafe car with many mechanical and electrical shortcomings and defects. Maria, Lenny New Jersey

Buyright sold me a car, and I later discovered that there were over $3000 worth of defects:  Electrical shortage in the dash; wiring harness problems that control front high beam motor; new brakes were applied to the worn rusted front and rear rotors of the car; the airbag system check light remains on (Dealer knew about the problem but did not inform me, the buyer, of the problem. 

The car would not pass Maryland inspection; tierod worn in the driver side front of the vehicle.  Personnel at Buy Right Used Cars asked me to drive this unsafe vehicle back to New Jersey for repairs, knowing that the vehicle is not safe to drive.  Sadly enough, I drove the vehicle off their lot and they knew of the mechanical and other problems.

Buyright guaranteed the vehicle for bumper to bumper coverage and did not want to pay to get the car repaired.  Buy Right suggested to provide an amount towards repairs that are less than one-third of the total cost to get the car fixed.  Without a doubt, the worst experience I ever had buying anything major… 

I would not recommend this dealership to anyone.  The car was found on Truecar.  I notified Trucar of this experience as well and recommended that Buy Right Used Cars is not allowed to further advertise on that vehicle site.  

Jeffrey Stanger at EnforcePay Garnishment Bureau, LLC They defrauded me out of my court judgment Coral Gables Florida

On 12/2/2017 I assigned a money judgment to Jeffrey Stanger's company, EnforcePay Garnishment Bureau, LLC, for the purpose of collection.  A year went by and I heard nothing from him. Eight months went by and I heard nothing, so on 7/26/2018 I sent a letter requesting status.   

My letter went unanswered.   Several months later I tracked down Jeffrey Stanger at his new address in Colorado and called him on the phone.  He said that he would call his paralegal and get back to me.   He never got back to me.